Frequently Asked Questions

To View A Property
Please call to make an appointment to tour a property. As a courtesy, we give the current tenants 24 hour notice of entry.  We do not show properties on weekends or holidays and we show the units Monday – Friday between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

All leases are a 12 month lease starting in mid-August and ending July 31st.  All forms and monies must be completed and paid in full prior to receiving keys.  Monies due are the security deposit, cleaning fee, 1st month’s rent and pet fee (if applicable).  Properties are not considered leased until a lease is signed.  Paying a deposit and/or completing an application does not constitute a leased property.

Security Deposits*
The security deposit is not rent. The security deposit remains the tenant’s property, but is held by the landlord for the term of the lease to ensure that the tenant pays the rent due and returns the rented property in proper condition as required by the lease. The law states that a security deposit shall not exceed 1.5 times the monthly rent.

Once a lease is ends, the tenant has the right to have the entire security deposit returned unless the landlord can substantiate a claim to it because the tenant: owes unpaid rent, unpaid utility bills, caused damage to the rented property beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Per the State of Michigan, the landlord has 30 days from the lease end date to return the Security Deposit (or portion of).

Cleaning Fee
The cleaning fee is separate from the security deposit. This is a non-refundable fee due at move-in.

Inventory Checklist*
The inventory checklist preserves some proof of the condition of the property when the tenant moved in. The landlord must provide the tenant with blank copies of an inventory checklist, referencing all items in the rental unit. The landlord must provide written notice on the first page of the checklist that the tenant must properly complete the checklist, noting the condition of the property, and returning it to the landlord within 7 days after moving in.

All utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, garbage, recycle bins, lawn care and snow removal) are paid for by GMJ Holding Company, LLC. The gas & electric bill is capped at $50.00 per bedroom per month.  Any overages will be charged to the tenants.

GMJ Holding Company, LLC carries dwelling insurance coverage. This insurance does not cover tenants contents or possessions.  It is highly recommended that all tenants purchase rental insurance to cover liability and tenant property losses or damages. Tenant’s personal property is not insured under the dwelling insurance coverage provided by the landlord. Call your insurance agent for questions about insurance coverage and costs.

All GMJ Holding Company, LLC units are non-smoking.

Pet Restrictions
GMJ Holding Company, LLC does allow pets, with prior approval and payment of a one-time per pet fee. There is not size or breed restrictions and multiple pets are allowed.

Parent or Guardian Signature
It is a requirement of GMJ Holding Company, LLC for the parent or guardian to sign the lease and be obligated by all of the terms on the lease as is the occupant.

All bedrooms are approximately 12′ x 12′ and each bedroom door has a lock and is keyed individually.

Tenants are responsible for the phone, internet and cable. Each bedroom has a cable outlet so a TV can be installed.

Each unit has a washer & dryer located in the laundry room.

Each unit has attached garages with automatic garage door openers. Each tenant will receive a garage door opener remote for entry and egress into the unit.

Lead Paint*
Since the latter part of 1996, landlords must provide tenants who are renting units built before 1978 with certain information concerning lead-based paints. This information includes a federal government pamphlet entitled: Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home and a form entitled: Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead based Paint Hazards (Rentals). There are exceptions to this federal requirement, including commercial rentals, zero-bedroom efficiency apartments, and rental units certified as lead-free by a qualified lead abatement inspector. All GMJ Holding Company, LLC rentals were built in 2006 or later and have no lead based paint.

Tenant Responsibilities*
Although responsibilities can be modified in certain instances – by mutual agreement between the landlord and tenant – a tenant is generally expected to:
– Pay rent on time and in full
– Keep the rental property in a safe and sanitary condition
– Promptly notify the landlord of maintenance problems
– Exterminate insects that appear if they were not there when the tenant moved in
– Leave the rental property in good condition – reasonable wear & tear expected

City of Kalamazoo Approvals
The City of Kalamazoo requires rental properties to be inspected and certified as a rental property by the City of Kalamazoo inspector. All GMJ Holding Company, LLC rentals are certified.

Civil Rights
Federal, state, and local laws prohibit discrimination in rental housing based on a number of factors, including race, color, sex, age, handicaps, and family status.

* Information provided by “A Practical Guide for Tenants and Landlords” – prepared by the Michigan Legislature.